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Underwear and Maintenance Tips

Views:1162 TimesDate:2013-4-9

1 clean the first. Underwear dirt is not only not health, will affect the underwear of ventilation, moisture absorption and insulation and softness, lossy material and function. Therefore, underwear, detailed correct washing clean is very important.
2 wear note. Higher and higher price products is not necessarily the most durable products, intimate care can protect its advantages. Underwear materials are generally soft and thin, wearing and removal can not be forced too, should also pay attention to fingernails scraping fibers can not hook.
3 keep the. The main points are as follows: general clothing and underwear to separate, placed inside a special cabinet is the most ideal. Be careful not to squeeze. Please save the clothes completely dry before. Moisture on the clothing will cause discoloration, silk and mouldy. To avoid the underwear and the "health" put together, or cloth and rubber will lose elasticity. Carefully folded and save. Seasonal underwear should be washed, placed on the preservation of air circulation. To minimize the use of sealed plastic bags to save underwear, because long-term seal easily cause mildew. Silk underwear should not be placed together with the pest control agent, wool clothing is not wet, use insect repellent and desiccant so be careful when saving clothes.
4 cleaning: underwear to keep clean, best washing method is to use the "gently by hand wash". Point is that the general use neutral detergent or neutral detergent for lingerie special. Chlorine bleach can damage material and make it yellow. Use the amount of lotion, lotion too much will burden material, thereby damaged underwear. The lotion is not directly touch on the underwear, otherwise it will lead to uneven color. Should first wash dissolved in 30 ℃ - 40 ℃ warm water can be put down clothing.
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