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True&Co. CEO: American women do not wash bra

Views:1517 TimesDate:2013-4-9

According to foreign media reports, Michel Lin (Michelle Lam) is the chief executive officer of online lingerie company True&Co. (CEO). She thinks, a lot of women wearing bra size are not appropriate, the reason for this is that they hate to buy bra in entity shop embarrassing experience. Problem solving is an online test scheme of True&Co., the results can tell women the right bra size.
After the purchase, customers will receive 5 bras, for don t like the style, the user can return. True&Co. not only Blush agents such as niche brands, also have Calvin Klein so make known to every family of the major suit.

Michel forest from a very famous American actress get funded, but she refused to disclose the names of the actress.

Before last year launched True&Co., Michel 34 years old was Bain and Microsoft (marketing strategy) work. She believe firmly on large data, but also for the United States women s average number of washing bras, True&Co. collection answer unpleasant: do not often wash or not wash, because they don t want to ruin their bra washing machine.
"Business insider" website interviewed Michel Lin, and she discusses how to use social media to promote sales. Interview outline as follows:
Q: why do we need another lingerie company? We have "the secret of the Vitoria".
Answer: we in the online sale of bra, out of the ordinary part is that after two minutes of fun after the test, the customer can in no size and a picture of the situation, to find a suitable bra on our website. We of this generation of women s eyes only "the secret of the Vitoria". They are doing well, but we are a great choice. The company is running well, the gross profit in the positive growth.
Q: you only sold online?
Answer: on the internet. We will ask a series of questions of the customer through the icon. We collect the body types of customer data, create personal shopping center for them.
Q: how do you do marketing using social media?
Answer: it is mainly used Facebook, we have 36000 fans. Last June at the opening, in December only in Facebook. We are a start-up company, we don t have a retail store.
Q: but no one wanted to try it at a store, to ensure that the right size?
Answer: This is a very complicated process, where digital is no problem. Women used to half-naked in the fitting room 2.5 hours. On repeatedly, find the right size. The whole process from stores control, they don t stop with bra in, the whole process is very aggressive, because businesses and customers to stay together. Customers tell us, they didn t like his half-naked in the fitting room. Others saw. I am also a woman, through this process. When I started the company, there are 500 bra my living room, and has been invited to try on these women bra, and observe their reaction. They don t want to be seen. They don t want to in front of others to try. They don t want to go to the store.
Q: but the first go to the store or necessary, isn t it? The woman knew its size, the problem is solved.
A: No, the female breast size will change over time. In a child, then gain and lose the weight, it may not wear the bra. A woman should be set once a year, a year in two to three times the bra.
Q: what kind of bra is a woman most of the time in?
Answer: our client is a real woman. No mat high, very fit. They can wear it to work. Their wardrobe underwear reality are only a minority, dream. Men have more than a woman s bra shorts. The woman changed bra to for a long time. Buy the time to fit, but spandex and cotton in the long time after wearing, then wash in the washing machine will be ruined. Therefore, the United States women don t have to wash the bra.
Q: really? I think the number of female and male bra times washing washing shorts, wash time after wearing.
Answer: most women never wash bra. Fiber will break. Over the past three years, 60% of women without replacing the bra, I may be one of them.
Ask: the answer seems to be not the men want to hear.
Answer: we are in the situation of women s special want to sell something to wear. Women for wearing only one or two things definitions may be different with men. We cater to the female, but not male. That kind of uncomfortable underwear, or not wearing a very long time. I think the underwear should be both comfortable and attractive characteristics.

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