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How to distinguish different materials.

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Underwear material can be divided into three types:
A soft touch, good, silk material, static electricity can not afford, with sweat, ventilation function. The disadvantage is not easy to clean, to wash or dry with a soft hand.
Two, cotton Sweat-absorbent, breathable, warm and strong, wearing comfortable, cotton and blended fabric is the chemical fiber cotton, adjust the type of underwear has special use, not only has a supporting effect, but not hot air.
Three, in addition to the silk, cotton, linen and other natural materials, also can use chemical fiber artificial, is also an excellent clothing material.
Select material can refer to the following explanation:
Cotton: A, good air permeability, easy dyeing and printing, girl underwear mostly used materials to create atmosphere of youth, creating a vibrant feeling.
Two: in recent years, the successful development of polyester superfine polyester fiber, hygroscopic good, comfortable to wear, is used widely in underwear.
Three, nylon: belongs to one kind of synthetic fiber materials, because of its strong is not easy deformation, chest straps are made most of the. Many finishing underwear also the use of nylon as material.
Four, spandex: synthetic fiber has strong scalability, used to do chest strap, so that part of the body stretching. Now also used for underwear spandex lace, seamless underwear.
Five, Lycra: application in tight underwear on the rubber, using its characteristics: elastic, comfortable to wear and has a supporting force, now commonly used for underwear, pants, socks, underwear can make more personal, not easy to deformation, tights are not easy to wrinkle, elasticity significantly, maintenance clothes intact.
Six, silk underwear: in the material has been widely used in silk, and silk underwear with French lace or Chinese embroidery.
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