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Choice of underwear 6 points.

Views:1200 TimesDate:2013-4-9

Women now have a considerable part of underwear wearing is not understanding, not according to his hip to choose their own wearing underwear, but only the trends and fashion. On the streets everywhere wear uncomfortable body briefs to mark very obvious, there is a certain relationship between popular design that with today s underwear briefs: little change, continuous improvement to underwear designer. Another is due to improved living standards, especially the young girl s hips are increasing, women s development in advance, 15~25 year old girl than in the past some fat, especially the hip is more outstanding. According to the data of investigation, in the eyes of young female ideal Oriental hip 84~88 cm, and Chinese female hip most flat and bent, and the race, white people, black people the female buttocks thicker, buttocks fullness after Alice, Chinese women want to make their own buttocks fullness after Alice, it is necessary to strengthen the physical exercise, select the fit underwear.
Choice of underwear, on their hips must have accurate knowledge, application of hand stretched when the choose and buy, have a look back and back arc is sufficient, cloth, cotton is better, preferably accompanied by scalability. This kind of pants to wear comfortably fit, can modify the lower abdomen, hips and beauty line performance. Women should not only have depend on, underwear, but also deeply understand it, use it, some misunderstandings in the underwear, so that each of the female buttocks health strong, sexy and beautiful, has a beautiful appearance. Many girls are always beautiful lace and elegant colors attract, take this as the standard to select the most loved one. But the experienced designer or underwear shopping guide staff will remind you according to their size different, choose different models. At the same time, both outside the pants, skirt and pants waist height difference is different with factors, choose the best functional underwear.

Generally divided into triangle underpants, four angle, five angle three categories, respectively, suitable for different shape of women.

1, waist briefs
For the crowd: no excess fat waist, hips without dewlap and love sports girl.
Suitable for loading: in aerobics clothing, not to betray a confidence embarrassment at the hip Hip; for other delicate lace edge, not exposed marks, suitable for summer wear thin skirt and pants.
Not suitable for people: abdominal have excess fat hips drooping.
In 2, lumbar four pants
For the crowd: suitable for all body styles.
Suitable for: be able to wear with almost all trousers and skirts, required to avoid only waist and waist design skirt, pants, because you may inadvertently one seasonal underwear Yaoxian revealed.
Not suitable for people: if you want to borrow the underwear more support and curve would have a disappointment. Because the "flattening" abdomen, hips and "upgrade" special cutting way to tailor. This while wearing no printing no trace but does not support special.
3, high-waisted trousers four pants
For the crowd: this style of underwear and pants is most similar to the traditional. Hope that through the abdomen and buttocks of three-dimensional design abdomen hips and a thick thighs reduced sense of relaxation girl can choose the style.
Suitable for: when paired with trousers buttocks and legs will naturally without trace. But wearing skirts must be careful, because the knee-length skirt in people sat down to a few centimeters above the knees and move, so wear well before you go out to sit down and have a try, so as not to make a fool in front of others, to open a high short skirt of course also have this problem, in front of a mirror, walk a few steps do not let the underwear out before good.
Not suitable for people: design and the function of almost everyone can wear, except for those who don t want to have a sense of restraint.
In 4, lumbar five pants
For the crowd: design five angular underwear is the bottom line elasticity to prevent Tunbuxiachui, enhancing the hip line function, suitable for hip curve droop and flat women. But it should be noted that if the bottom line of fabric relaxation, then improve hip function also is not up to the.
Suitable for wearing: almost any skirts, pants wearing underwear, but must pay attention to color should be as close as possible to the skin, not deep and shallow, or underwear color will be through the outer garment, that s not good.
Not suitable for the crowd: want to have special abdomen effect girls can not do, because this function will be through the abdomen in front of the "triangle" thickening design to achieve.

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